Sonny’s Designer Pianos: Grey “Slate Steinway” Grand Piano Model M Custom Hand Painted “Modern Minimalist Style” Art Case $17,500.

grey slate white background.jpg

Steinway Grand Piano Model “M,” 5’7″ with a one-of-a-kind “Modern Minimalist Style” hand-painted grey matte finish. In keeping with the latest trends in home decor, we have commissioned this unique work of art on a Steinway Model “M” 5’7″, made in 1927 during the “Golden Age” of Steinway manufacturing. All excellent condition Steinway parts including an excellent set of original key tops. Restrung with new pins and dampers a while back. We just upgraded and regulated the action and voiced the hammers. Rich sounding and responsive, this Steinway is both a beautiful work of art and a sublime-sounding instrument. Great candidate for a PianoDisc IQ Player System. Warranty. Worldwide shipping. Call or e-mail Sonny for further information at 631 475-8046 or







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