Ebony Gloss Schumann Baby Grand Piano Made by Samick Excellent Inside & Out FOR SALE NOW $3950

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Great sounding Schumann Ebony Gloss 5′ Baby Grand piano. Piano made by Samick in 1984. Low mileage, served as a furniture piece, great tone and action response. Schumanns were the first Samick Pianos to come into the USA and were distributed and upgraded by Joe Rosen’s Family Melody Music Stores in Patchogue NY during the 1980’s. Joe had retired Steinway technicians work on and suggest improvements and thus a redesign for these pianos and they jsut kept getting better and better. Perfect candidate for a player system installation. Free LI/NYC delivery. Only $475. most else continental USA. Call or e-mail for futher information 631 475-8046 sonny or see more with Sonny’s Video at his website http://sonnyspianotv.com/piano-gallery/688/ebony-gloss-schumann-baby-grand-piano-made-by-samick-excellent-in-out-4500

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