Luxury Piano Art Case Steinway “Macassar Ebony” Crown Jewel 2003 Model L Very Rare Exotic Wood

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Luxury Piano, Art Case Steinway Piano Crown Jewel Model L 5’10.5″, very rare exotic wood “Macassar Ebony”. They don’t make the “Crown Jewel” series anymore. This piano would cost $150,000 to have custom made by Steinway & Sons today. In China and most everywhere outside of the USA it would be almost impossible to find a Crown Jewel Ebony Macassar Steinway, the price would easily be over 200,000 for a new one. Excellent, showroom condition inside and out. Action just regulated to world class concert stage performance level. Absolutely stunning to look at and also has rich, sublime tonal quality. Perfect candidate for a PianoDisc IQ Player System installation. Here’s what Steinway says about this piano and their Crown Jewel Series. “This very rare precious wood from Sulawesi has a fascinating texture with a deep black colour and a reddish-brown that pulses with breathtaking power.The Steinway Crown Jewel collection is an exclusive series of spectacular grand and upright pianos that feature particularly fine veneers. The veneers are meticulously put together with great artistic skill by Steinway experts. Each instrument is therefore a precious and unique masterpiece. To emphasize this uniqueness, a flawless diamond is embedded in the keyboard lid of each Crown Jewel grand or upright piano.” Warranty. Questions? Speak with Sonny direct call 631 475-8046 or e-mail sonny or visit Sonny’s Website

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