Art Case Marshall & Wendell Spanish Style Baby Grand Piano restored Spring 2016 $7500

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Beautiful Spanish Style Baby Grand Piano With Beautiful Ornate Ironwork Accents. Absolutely gorgeous mahogany art case Marshall & Wendell Baby Grand piano, refinished and restored spring 2016, made circa 1934. The early 20th Century saw a revival in classic historical furniture styles and finishes. This is a stunning custom made Spanish Renaissance style baby grand piano that would have been specially designed for a period style home. This instrument features elaborately carved legs adorned with ornate ironwork painted in red and gold accents. The overall affect achieves a true “Old World” Renaissance look and feel. Our technicians and artists restored both the instrument and the art work of this very rare piano. Marshall & Wendell renowned for making great instruments and beautiful art case pianos. New keytops, action just regualted. Warranty. Worldwide shipping. Questions? Call Sonny 631 475-8046 or

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