Steinway M “Golden Age” 1928 Rebuilt & Refinished ebony semi-gloss $17,500

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“Golden Age” Steinway M made in 1928…just rebuilt with new strings, pins, re-gilded plate, re-varnished soundboard, original hammers and shanks replaced with newer Steinway hammers and shanks. Action regulated and voiced. Piano just received a new semi-gloss ebony “French Polish” finish. So it looks and plays great. All genuine Steinway parts. These “Golden Age” Steinways have a very unique, crisp, clear, rich sound because the cast iron plate was made by Steinway in their foundry unlike today when they farm them out to other companies. Also the wood on these pianos was aged and seasoned for many years. This piano has a rich, singing quality. Warranty. Free LI/NYC delivery. Most else continental USA only $500. International Shipping also available. Questions call Sonny 631 475-8046 or e-mail

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