Chinoiserie Art Case Collard & Collard Hand Painted Masterpiece Restored $19,500

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A Chinoiserie style hand painted rosewood art case Collard & Collard 5’1″ baby grand piano made in England circa 1912 and painting created around the same time. Piano served as a work of art and had practically no playing time. It is in excellent condition inside. Has original beautiful set of keys. We are currently restoring the landscape scenery paintings. Very vivid colors. Wealthy Chinese women being attended by servants in nature settings. Also rocks that represent mountains which are symbolic of the life force “Chi” are prevalent throughout. The piano has beautiful paintings on the lid, fall board, case, and legs. The music desk is from the Victorian era and the pedal lyre is decorative as well. Questions? Call or e-mail Sonny at 631 475-8046 or info.

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