#877: “THE “GREEN CHI” STEINWAY! Steinway M Art Case with Chinese Hand Painted (Chinoiserie Style) Gardens and Landscape Scenes. Completely Restored 2016 $125,000.

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We Nicknamed this “The “GREEN CHI” Steinway because the “Chinoiserie Style” Art landscape scenes painted on the piano are of gardens you would visit in 16th century China to restore your “Chi” or life force energy. The piano is completely covered with beautiful detailed paintings of rocks (symbolizing mountains which represent “Chi”) gardens, trees, flowers, water, birds, butterflies, fisherman, pagodas, bridges, swans, royal family members, musicians and dancers. The colors used are shades of natural green, brown, red and gold. People in the 1500’s in China would go this this kind of place to get away from the busy city life to restore, revitalize, relax and rejuvenate themselves. This Steinway M was originally manufactured in 1918 in the Steinway & Sons NYC factory and was totally rebuilt by Sonny’s Pianos Technicians during 2016. The art work was painstakingly restored over the past 9 months by a NYC based Master of “Chinoiserie Style” Art. The incredible detail and beautiful paintings on this pianos are nothing short of a masterpiece. Indeed a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Many of the paintings are embossed or raised thus giving the landscape scenes an in depth 3D appearance. It appears that you are looking into the scenes and can see trees and flowers and people in the distance. The video tour includes an interview with the artist and this PDF is an analysis of the art work by an Asian Art Historian. To see her full report and what the piano looked like before being restored click on the PDF here The piano was rebuilt with the highest quality materials currently available including new strings, pinblock, dampers and new Steinway NY action parts. It has the original excellent condition set of ivory keys and Steinway soundbaord. The action was regulated and hammers voiced to concert stage performance level. Here is some of what the art historian said. “Beautifully decorated. The design elements are inspired by Willow pattern ceramics but they are based on actual Chinese motifs. The scenes on the piano are based on Chinese landscape paintings and gardens. The basic elements of a Chinese landscape—mountains, water, trees, and humans—are meant to convey a microcosm of an orderly world. Traditionally, mountains, the most important element of a Chinese landscape painting, are a source of qi 气 (pronounced “chee”), or life-restoring essence. Chinese gardens are designed as three-dimensional landscapes, where people can go if a trip to the mountains isn’t practical. In a Chinese garden, eccentric rocks represent the mountains. Numerous examples of these rocks are painted on the piano. Wealthy men collected these odd rocks for their gardens; the most famous rocks are from Lake Tai near Suzhou. Thus, the garden is a miniature landscape where one can restore his vital essence.” WORLDWIDE SHIPPING! Questions? or to make an appointment to view the piano in person or cover this story Call Sonny at +1 631 475-8046

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