Steinway D 1918 Rebuilt Ebony All Steinway Parts $45,000 (SEE SONNY’S VIDEO)

Steinway D 1918 Rebuilt Ebony All Steinway Parts $45,000

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Steinway D 1918 Rebuilt Ebony All Steinway Parts

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Magnificent Steinway Model D that was made in 1918 but went to NYC Steinway Restoration Center for twice once in 1932 then back again for more work in 1936 according to Steinway Records. Recently a new Steinway action was installed and the belly work was done again (strings, pins, dampers, plate painted and board re-varnished. The owner is a retired high end tuner technician that was both a pianist and worked for rich & famous taking care of their pianos. After some close scrutiny we determined that the board was replaced probably with one of the original rebuilds or more recently as it is in perfect condition with no cracks. The Belly work looks like it was done about 15 years ago and the Steinway Action looks like it was put in over the past few years as it also looks like new with barely any grooves in the hammers. The owner apparently installed the action and did the belly work as well. It all appears to be in excellent condition. The finish is a little rough in places but can be cleaned up or refinished again to be perfect. The piano has a very rich tone and very responsive action. Questions? Speak with Sonny at 631 475-8046.

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